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Home Water Damage Cleanup Charlotte

Does your home have water damage from a storm, flood, sewage backup, or any other reason? Carolina Water Damage Charlotte is on call 24/7 to repair the source of the water damage and to begin the restoration process quickly.

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Commercial Water Damage Repair Charlotte

Carolina Water Damage Charlotte is always on call to fix commercial water damage issues quickly. We will get your business back up and running quickly. Get a free estimate on commercial water damage restoration.

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Storm Damage Repair Charlotte & Beyond

When a storm hits your home or business, it can do a lot of damage. Trees falling through your roof, flooding, and sewage backup can cause headaches. We provide 24/7 storm damage repair & cleanup in Charlotte to get your life back to normal.

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Water Damage & Mold Inspections in Charlotte

Water damage and toxic mold in your home can lower the value. Before you buy or sell a new home in Charlotte, let Carolina Water Damage Restoration inspect your property, if we find any mold growth,we can fix it for you!

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Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, Storm Damage Repair, Water Extraction, Cleanup & More in Charlotte, Concord & Beyond.

Carolina Water Damage Charlotte isn’t your typical disaster restoration company. We specialize in providing water damage restoration services, from almost any source. From sewage/septic backup repair & appliance water leaks to flood damage & storm damage, there is no project that is too big for us. We are fully licensed and IICRC certified, so you’ll know that you are in good hands.

When you talk to one of the experts at Carolina Water Damage Charlotte, we will begin our water damage assessment immediately. We will ask questions about the size and scope of the damage, as well as the source. From there, we will determine how quickly someone needs to be send out, in water damage emergencies, we will have a team to you as quickly as possible. For smaller water damage issues, we can schedule a time that is most convenient for you. However, we will come equipped with the right tools to make sure we can start the restoration process as quickly as possible.

When our water damage charlotte based team arrives to your location, we will immediately stop the spread of water damage and repair the source of the water damage. Then we will take an assessment of the affected areas and begin the water extraction and water dry out process. Once the water has been removed and the rooms are dry, we will do an inspection for any toxic mold that might have started growing. If there is mold growth, we can provide mold remediation Charlotte as well. Next, we will clean out any debris that has been left around, take inventory of damage personal items & furniture, and then we will begin repairing the affected areas.

After repairing the affected areas, we will move on to the final step of our Charlotte water damage restoration process. This is where we apply new coats of paint, replace carpets, flooring, or subflooring if necessary. You can rest assured that when we finish your water damage restoration project in Charlotte & the surrounding areas, there will be no trace of water damage. In fact, you may not even be able to tell that there ever was a water damage issue, to begin with. We also file your insurance claim for you, which means one less headache you have to deal with.

Mold Remediation Charlotte

If you have mold growing in your home or business, Carolina Water Damage Restoration provides mold repair & mold remediation in Charlotte NC.

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Water Damage Repair Charlotte

When water damage happens, it’s best to address the problem quickly so it doesn’t spread. We provide water damage restoration in Charlotte NC.

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Sewer Cleanup Charlotte

If your sewage system backs up the mess can be hard to clean. Let our Charlotte sewage backup cleanup experts take care of the mess quickly.

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